It is a legal requirement that PRIME publishes the steps taken on receiving CVs from job seekers. The publication of this notice acts as a formal agreement between both PRIME Recruitment SIA and candidates who submit CVs to the company for job applications, career management or CV critique.


On receipt of a candidate CV for a job application, PRIME staff will grade them and invite the best candidates for interviews. Candidates may also be asked to undertake THOMAS psychometic assessments in order to help both the company and candidates to understand the candidate's personality better as well as ensuring the "best fit" for employers.


The best CVs and assessments and a further written assessment by PRIME staff are then submitted to the potential employer for their approval and selection. At this stage the CVs and interview answers of the best candidates will also be vetted to the level required by the employer and/or for security purposes depending upon the post. After final selection, we will seek to inform all the candidiates who submitted CVs of the result and give them the opportunity to withdraw their CVs and not have them submitted to other interested employers. The CVs of those who withdraw during the recruitment process will be destroyed and deleted from our files unless they indicate otherwise. Leading candidates who failed selection may be selected for a post-selection interview where their future and CVs can be reassessed and a plan can be set up together with PRIME staff.


CVs submitted for career management and CV improvements will be distributed to employers and advertised in accordance with the wishes of the candidate. FOR DATA PROTECTION PURPOSES, PRIME Recruitment will not enter into any agreement to submit CVs or assessments to employers or retain CVs if any candidate expresses a clear wish for the companies not to do so.