Cover Letter/Application

The cover letter is an opportunity for you to present your unique personality. Your unique differences are the key to your career success. What you have done in the past - with the details - and what you plan to do in the future is another key to your employability. So include the reasons why you are the right person for the job and demonstrate your own personal qualities - e.g. ability to work in a team, leadership skills, elements of motivation etc. The cover letter should not be a copy of the CV - remember - it can be another key to success.


These are not needed in the first round. Later, a minimum of three (3) is advisable. They can be written or oral, personal or professional. In each case please make sure that the person in question leaves his/her phone number (office, home or mobile) so we can double check. Don't forget to ask the person in question for his/her permission and warn them that we might check - then they have time to prepare.

What should an application consist of?

A Curriculum Vitae in English and/or Latvian 1-1.5 pages long, a cover letter and preferably a photo. The cover letter should be personalised and not written to a standard format.