PRIME Staffing

PRIME Staffing provides an excellent and fast service in recruiting primarily blue-collar workers, but also for mid-level managers. The company offers both permanent as well as temporary recruitment solutions, where contracts last from one week to one year. Our number one aim is customer service above expectations!



Temp jobs is simply something that is here to stay. If you are young you may want to try different things. Work a short time here and then move onto the next job – some call it a life style. If you are a single parent or studying it could be attractive to have a job that fits your specific needs.


In a locally and globally competitive market changes happen so fast that companies are sometimes overwhelmed with needs they can’t handle. Not all companies have personnel departments and HR people that can deal with these changes and that is where PRIME Staffing comes into the picture.


We make sure the person is trained, insured, that salaries are monitored, rules are followed, that they meet the agreed requirements and if someone is ill, we find a re-placement. If that is what you need, let us handle the headaches and allow you to focus on what makes money for you!


Contact us for a great quote today; you will be surprised at how easy and convenient it is. Call +371 29 360 813 or mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .