The B2B L!ST is a networking club that arranges 10-12 networking events per year.


The B2B L!ST opens up a new world of opportunities! Becoming a B2B L!ST member presents an excellent chance to market your company. At the first or second networking event you will have five minutes in the spotlight presenting your products and services to both potential business partners and possible future star employees.


Networking is all about proactivity and that’s why we have started the Give Me Five-campaign. This campaign is about a win-win situation where all members contribute to the growth of The B2B L!ST network and therefore increase your own possibilities of making more business! In addition, you will have the opportunity to network 10-12 times per year in an informal atmosphere after work and be able to listen to other exciting companies presenting their own businesses as well as keeping yourself updated on what’s what and who’s who in the Latvian business world.


Why stop there? Your company can be the main sponsor for one of the monthly networking events and gain positive exposure like one of our clients, Balta, has done in the past. Other benefits of becoming a B2B L!ST member are discounted rates on recruitment, tailor-made Thomas trainings and analyses as well as advertisements in PRIME Match. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for The B2B L!ST and become a part of the most seriously fun business and employment networking event in Latvia!


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